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Our curated collection features sustainable products for the whole family, making ethical shopping easy. We only stock the best brands tested by our own family and our Smallkind testers.

My Kids Made Me Do It!

What we look for in our brands aka our 'guiding principles'

Products that are well made from durable materials will last longer and can be passed on. This reduces the need to replace and minimises waste. It might sound old school but we believe that buying better and buying less is the future!

We love brands who consider the life cycle of their product whether it’s by ensuring it’s biodegradable or that it can be recycled at the end of it’s life. After all, we can't throw things away because there is no ‘away’ (only landfill). 

Brands who consider their social impact through all stages of their supply chain including good working conditions, fair wages and supporting charities and sustainability initiatives.

We look for products and brands that reflect the world we live in. Whether that’s ensuring diversity is represented within our range of toys, dolls and children’s books or by supporting minority & LGBTQ+ run businesses. 

Using fewer raw or virgin materials and prioritising sustainable, renewable or recycled materials is better for the planet. We look for brands who have considered sustainability in all aspect of design including planet friendly packaging.

Small businesses typically have smaller supply chains and therefore, lower carbon emissions. They’re run by small teams of people who genuinely care about the products they send out into the world. Large retailers struggle to be genuinely sustainable so this is a small biz super power!

Using these guiding principles I’ve selected the very best wooden toys, eco friendly homeware, natural toiletries, ethical gifts and more! I aim to make Smallkind as sustainable, ethical and inclusive as possible. You’ll find these icons on all our products making it easy to identify why each one was chosen for our collection. 

Ethical Selling Promise

No scarcity marketing, transparency about products, fair pricing, round numbers where possible.

Social Impact

Our mission for more ethical business goes beyond the products we sell and includes a partnership with Young People's Trust for the Environment