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Social Impact

Our mission for a more ethical business goes beyond the products we stock and includes a partnership with Young People's Trust for the Environment.

Who are they?

Young People's Trust for the Environment, established as a charity in 1982, aims to encourage young people’s understanding of environmental issues. It seeks to raise awareness among young people about pressing environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution, deforestation, and endangered plant and animal species. The focus is on a well-rounded perspective that acknowledges the complexities of the modern world, emphasising sustainable development and industries with minimal environmental impact as the way forward.

Although YPTE is based in Dorset and Somerset, the internet has enabled the charity to connect with young people all over the UK and beyond. Their website, features extensive information on hundreds of species and environmental topics and attracts approximately 1.2 million visitors annually. Teachers download enough YPTE free lesson plans to reach a further 900,000 young people per year in the classroom too! 

We donate 50p from every order to Young People's Trust for the Environment and our 2023 Black Friday fundraiser will support YPTE too!

At Smallkind we believe that investing in the next generation is an important piece of the puzzle to tackle the climate crisis and that’s why we chose YPTE as out partner charity. Our children and young people are growing up in a time of significant change and uncertainty but knowledge is power! By giving them the tools and information to create change they can feel more in control of their on future.