Our Ethical Selling Promise

We believe that selling ethically starts with transparency. That’s why we’ve always been open and honest about our products, their origins, who made them and how. Our ethical selling promise goes that bit further:

No Scarcity Marketing

We don’t use scarcity tactics to make you think there is an urgency to buy. If products are discontinued or in short supply we’ll let you know, just in an honest and calm way NO SHOUTY CAPITALS, EVER!!
Mentari Toy Phone Mentari Wooden Till

Fairly Made, Fairly Priced

Our products are responsibly made by crafts people who are paid a fair wage. Pricing reflects the quality and is fair year round. We don't inflate prices to account for seasonal sales and therefore you won't see us slashing prices around Black Friday. In fact, just so you know, we do Give Back Friday not Black Friday!

Excellent Communication

Contact us any time using the chat button or contact form. We’re a small brand so we’re not available 24/7 (we need sleep!) but we reply as fast as we can to make sure you have all the information you need. 

Quick Dispatch + Easy Tracking

Smallkind recently moved into a brand new home. So, we now have some extra hands to process and pack your orders. This means quicker dispatch time + tracked postage for your peace of mind.

Price Match

Our price match promise is simple. If you find it cheaper and in stock elsewhere we can match the price in most cases.

Have a look at our Price Match guidelines for more info. 

Round Number Pricing

We use round number pricing where possible. There’s an age old marketing trick that putting .99 on the end makes our brains think it costs less. We all know £9.99 is basically £10 dressed up, so lets just go with £10!

Currency conversion with our EU brands can make the prices a bit random and other brands fix the RRP. So sometimes whole numbers aren't possible but we're working on it!

Responsible Packaging

Reused packaging is the most sustainable option all round. When that’s not possible (we run out quickly!) we use recyclable packaging made from FSC certified card and paper. We try to pack boxes mindfully so you won’t find a tiny item in a massive box and end up with unnecessary packaging.

No Paid-For Awards

It may come as a surprise that some well known awards cost hundreds of pounds to enter and even more for the promotion and a badge (if you win). This isn’t a practice we're comfy with so if you see Smallkind win an award you can be sure it’s one we were shortlisted for based on our business not our budget. 

Circular Products

Our brands make products to last and be passed on so we’re currently working on a way to help you sell on the brands you buy from Smallkind.

Watch this space for more news or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear.