Small Foot Rainbow Stacking Tower
Small Foot Rainbow Stacking Tower on a wobbly base
Small Foot colourful Rainbow wooden Stacking Tower
piece from Small Foot Rainbow Stacking Tower
Small Foot

Small Foot Rainbow Stacking Tower

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This large wooden rainbow stacking tower is super colourful and eye catching for babies and toddlers. The differently sized wooden discs must not only be pushed onto the pole in the correct order, but also turned to the right position so that the gaps in the discs match up with the position of the small pins on the pole. It's a tricky task that trains fine motor skills and problem-solving! The rounded base allows the completed stacking tower to wobble around too. 

Playing with stacking towers provides hours of  playtime fun for children, but also promotes their comprehension of colours, shapes, and sizes at the same time.

12+ months.

Dimensions - Height approx. 24 cm,  width approx. 12 cm

About Small Foot

Small Foot stands for the best material, high-quality construction, long-lasting durability.  Designed and made in Germany these beautiful toys are made from sustainably sourced wood and developed with kids in mind, made to last for years and be passed from child to child. 

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