small foot wooden marble run tower in rainbow colours
Small Foot Marble Run - Sounds
Small Foot colourful wooden Marble Run tower in box
Small Foot

Small Foot Marble Run - Sounds

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This colourful wooden marble run is a true sound experience! Drop the glass marble into into the red wooden ball and let the melody take its course. The colourful fan-shaped wings are made of wood and have different sizes and different sounds. As the marble falls from top to bottom, the sound will get deeper. A toy that delights children and is very addictive!


3+ years

Dimensions - Height approx. 37 cm,  width approx. 16 cm

About Small Foot

Small Foot was founded by two brothers in Germany in 1988. They believed that wood was the most natural and robust material for play and since then their focus has been on using the most sustainable materials and clever design to produce beautiful wooden toys.  Small Foot toys are made of wood from FSC 100% certified plantations - a guarantee of sustainable forestry.  These toys are made to last for years and be passed from child to child.

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