Lavender Essential Oil 12ml

Lavender Essential Oil 12ml

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Lavender essential oil has a soothing balance of aromatic floral and sweet notes which have a calming relaxing effect on the mind. 

It's anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties make is perfect for skin remedies and it aids healing of burns, wounds and insect bites. 

Lavender essential oil works well in cleaning sprays too due to it's fresh scent and anti-microbial properties. 


A great all rounder that can be used for mind, body and home. 

12ml bottle in a card box.

Responsibly sourced at every stage. 


Packaging: Glass bottle with polypropylene #5 lid. Display box made from  recycled card 7.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm

Benoit, founder of The Nature of Things believes that essential oils are part of the 'sustainable toolkit'. They are natural and biodegradable, come in a highly concentrated form so a small bottle goes a long way, and allow us to create lots of products at home.  You'll find lots of ideas and recipes on our blog.  

About The Nature of Things 

Founder Benoit began worked with two of the best producers of natural oils in the world for over 20 years.  Their vast global network of farmers and distillers taught him where to yield the best oil from aromatic plants, the best time to harvest, how to prepare for extraction, the art of distillation and how to define what is a quality natural oil. The best ‘noses’ in the business taught him how to smell, how oils can live together and how they can make you feel, while scientists and aromatherapists taught him the positive effects the oils can have on our health and wellbeing. He learnt that each oil has a unique story and – perhaps even more importantly - he learnt what 'good' smells like.

In 2017 Benoit moved to Dublin and noticed that the market was flooded with underwhelming oils.  He used everything he'd learnt - from the farmers, the distillers, the ‘noses’, the scientists, the creatives and the market – to create a brand that celebrates the best quality natural oils and share the potential of their life enhancing features. And thats how the The Nature of Things began.

Benoit’s goals when he launched remain the focus today:

  • Produce top quality oils
  • Work with distillers who can deliver not only quality but have a record in sustainable practices
  • Present products in beautiful packaging and encourage more people to embrace essential oils and use them in their daily lives.

All of the oils are imported from different parts of the world, directly from producers, and are bottled in The Nature of Things workshop in Ireland. You can see the country of origin on each product, and much more information on The Nature of Things website and on their 'recipe' page. Some of the oils are certified organic, but sustainability is a bigger focus and is at the heart of everything The Nature of Things do. They only source from producers who have genuine passion for distilling top quality oils and a proven record of sustainable practices. Their producers work hand in hand with their communities to protect the environment and support their local economies, and the priority is always the long term impact on the environment and the communities, and the viability of the activity.


Founder Benoit worked with world-class oil producers for 20+ years, learning how to extract and distill top-notch oils, their impacts on health/wellbeing, and the unique stories of each. In 2017, he moved to Dublin and founded The Nature of Things in response to the market's lacklustre offerings. His goals were, and still are: produce high-quality oils, source sustainably, and package/promote them beautifully for daily use. Oils are imported directly from producers and bottled in Ireland. While some are certified organic, sustainability is the top priority for these products. Producers work with their communities to protect the environment and support their local economies, focusing on long-term implications.

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