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Grapat Free Play Box - Smallkind
Grapat Free Play Box - Smallkind
Grapat Free Play Box - Smallkind

Grapat Free Play Box

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This Grapat free play box gives little ones an enclosed area  in which to create their own mini world. A child’s game often needs a container, an area which holds the action and that allows for the children to know their limits and understand space.

What happens in the Box of Games? Inside the box, the elements are placed within certain limits that give security to the children. The box becomes a sensory game when it’s filled up with sand, flour, salt, rice, etc.

The free play box has stamped images which evoke the four classical elements: earth, water, air and fire. These elements are part of our species and remind us of our connection with nature.


The tray can be played with flat or stood upright to make vertical houses, worlds and compartments for little nins and other treasures!

This is such a versatile item for play and learning, especially useful for those interested in Reggio Emilia, and will be enjoyed for years.   

Made in Spain from solid wood and plywood

size: 45 x 65 x 7 cm

Content of the box are sold seperately.


About Grapat

Grapat toys are handmade in Catalunya, Spain using natural wood from sustainable forests and water based stain. Grapat is a small family project owned by Casiana and Jordi. After moving from the city to live in a more natural environment when their daughter was little they were inspired by their surroundings and their daughters love of simple household objects over toys.

Today they produce a beautiful range of colourful, natural open ended toys that will last for generations and inspire little imaginations. 

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