Grapat Insects Set - Smallkind
Grapat Insects Set - Smallkind
Grapat Insects Set - Smallkind

Grapat Insects Set

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This Grapat insects set includes six ladybirds, six slugs and six ants.

The insect family allows children to create stories and Mini Worlds. There are no instructions or rules. The elements do not have a completely defined shape, and this allows the pieces to be converted into what children need for their own game and adventure.


Young children will enjoy touching, feeling and playing with their new character friends. As they get older the set can be used for counting, sorting or hiding and combined with other sets. The Grapat range forms the basis for all kinds of open ended play. 

Recommended for 36+ months and can be enjoy by any age afterwards.

ladybugs 40mm, slugs 52 mm long, ants 44 mm long 


About Grapat

Grapat toys are handmade in Catalunya, Spain using natural wood from sustainable forests and water based stain. Grapat is a small family project owned by Casiana and Jordi. After moving from the city to live in a more natural environment when their daughter was little they were inspired by their surroundings and their daughters love of simple household objects over toys.

Today they produce a beautiful range of colourful, natural open ended toys that will last for generations and inspire little imaginations. 

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