etta loves bamboo muslin teething comforter
etta loves bamboo muslin teething comforter
Etta Loves

Etta Loves Bamboo Muslin Teething Comforter - Leopard

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Sensory and soothing teething comforter in a striking purple and green muslin with beech wood teething ring.

The leopard print has been designed to support visual development in babies from around 5 months onwards, which is typically when teething starts. The combination of a calming sensory print and a lovely ring to chew is a winner.

40cm x 40cm double lay muslin tied onto a beech teething ring.

Made from: Beech teething ring. 100% viscose from bamboo muslin.


Etta Loves:

Created by Jen, Etta's Mum this range of super soft bamboo muslin squares, wash cloths and playmats have been designed alongside an expert in children's vision so that their patterns, scales and colours support your baby's visual and cognitive development. Made from super soft bamboo they are gentle on babies skin and sustainably and ethically made.

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