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BIORK Natural Crystal Deodorant

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Biork crystal deodorant is a sustainable plastic-free alternative to traditional deodorant. 

Biork is made from potassium alum which is a natural mineral salt made up of molecules that form a protective layer on your skin that inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

The Biork container is made of sustainable cork which is a renewable resource and is recommended by nature conservation associations. One single natural cork alone binds eight grams of the greenhouse gas CO2. In addition, cork helps to preserve one of the most biologically diverse habitats in Portugal.


How Biork Works

Biork does not prevent sweating because it is completely natural deodorant, sweating is a natural bodily function that regulates body temperature. Many bacteria find sweat zones to be the perfect environment in which to multiply. These bacteria are responsible for unpleasant odour.

Biork crystal deodorant slows the production of bacteria and prevents the build-up of unpleasant odours. It lets the skin breath and perspire naturally.

Biork crystal deodorant lasts longer than you are used to from other deodorants. In addition, the potassium alum contains important minerals, it is also perfect for all skin types, especially those with extremely sensitive skin.

All ingredients have been dermatological tested.

Please Note - Due to hygiene reasons this product is non refundable once it has been opened and used



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