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Goki 'Garden of my Own' + Gardener Doll

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 The flexible gardener doll is ready to to tend to Goki's Garden Of My Own play set. Your children’s very own gardening set to learn the intrinsic pleasures of nature, growth and tending a garden so that it grows and blossoms.

This kit fits conveniently on the windowsill to get lots of sunlight. Little ones can plant into four divided sections that sit within the garden fence container designed to look like a plot of land at home with front gate, mail-box and pot plant motif.

Garden Of My Own set includes the wooden garden fence, plastic planting tray, miniature watering can and colourful material flexible puppet gardener with rake all ready to tend the planting and growing of your seeds.

*Note: Soil and seeds not included. Choose your own choice of grass, flowers, herbs or other seedlings from your local hardware or gardening store for your children to plant and grow at home.

About Goki

Goki is part of the Gollnest & Keisel Family, based in northern Germany they have been a leading maker of wooden toys for over 50 years. The company take their environmental responsibility seriously by sourcing sustainable wood to manufacture these beautiful toys and planting a tree in public woodland for every child born in their home state of Schleswig-Holstein!

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