Suscription FAQ's

Can I choose the frequency of the box?

Eco Made Easy is a monthly box and it’s not possible to change the frequenc at this time. Each box is tailored to that particular month and membership to the online community is there to support you too. As everyone gets the same box each month we can work on things together so the experience wouldn’t quite be the same if people received boxes at different times.

If you are interested in a quarterly or less frequent box do let us know and it’s something we can consider for the future.


Whats inside the box?

Well, it’s kind of a secret until you receive it!

Each month, you'll receive a curated selection of tried and tested eco-friendly products. Each box will include some full size and trial size options so you get a good mix of products.

We've thought about what our community of parents might be doing each month and designed the boxes so that new changes will easily slot into your lifestyle at that time. Most importantly we've tried to include some things that involve the family so that making eco changes becomes part of your lifestyle rather than being one persons responsibility (looking at you mums!!).

Will I get things I already have?

Everything in the boxes can be used up so you won't be getting any coffee cups, water bottles, cutlery and the kinds of long-term reusable products that you may already have invested in.



How will I know what to do with the products?

You'll get an information card inside the box with details of what's inside and how to use the products. Many of the products have multiple uses to really give you versatility and value for money so we'll share all our tips and tricks to help you make the most of them.

You'll also get some simple actionable eco living ideas to try each month. We try to include things you can involve the whole family in so it’s not just one persons responsibility.

What does the membership group involve?

We know that making lifestyle changes can be hard especially when you’re juggling work, kids and family life. Hopefully this box makes it feel more fun but we also want you to feel supported.

Membership to our Eco Made Easy Facebook group is included in the subscription. This is a place where you can chat to other members, share tips and tricks, swap products and ask questions. Natalie (founder + owner) will be live in the group talking you through each box and sharing lots of bits and bobs to help you on your way to living a greener life without blowing the budget or losing your mind!

We’ve decided to use Facebook for now as it’s free and easy to access but in the future we may consider another platform or app if our community prefer it.