Why Switch to Reusable Period Products?

Oct 13, 2021
why switch to reusable period products?


Why switch to reusable cloth period products?

There are SO MANY reasons but here are just a few:

Less Plastic

There is a growing school of thought that disposable pads and tampons, which contain plastic and chemicals, aren’t ideal to put next to one of the most sensitive and porous parts of our bodies. Reusable pads are made from natural or non toxic materials which means no harmful chemicals next to your most delicate bits!

Less Money

The initial cost of reusable pads is an investment but once you’ve made it they last for years. Comparisons with disposable pads suggest that you could save up to £2000 over the lifespan of the pads*

*Bloom + Nora compared with always ultra normal


set of reusable period pads by bloom and nora with a floral storage bag


Less Waste

An average menstruating woman uses up to 16,000 disposable period products over 32 years. Most of these will end up in landfill and still be around 500 years later. Disposable period products can end up in the ocean and washed up on our shores. In 2013 the Marine Beach Conservation Society held a beach clean across 96.7km of UK coast line. They collected 428 tampons and applicators per 4.4km and 1291 sanitary pads , panty liners and backing strips per 13.3km*.


Less Impact

The manufacturing of disposable pads and tampons is a resource and chemical intensive process. The energy needed to process wood pulp, water, plastics and chemicals is significant and as they’re a single use product this makes them incredibly impactful.

*Go Real


Less Fuss

Reusable pads and menstrual cups work better than their disposable counterparts. Women who use them rave about them for a reason. There are less leaks, they stay in place and need changing less. Most importantly they are so much more comfortable. Reusable pads are soft, breathable and don’t have sticky wings! Menstrual cups are made from medical grade silicone, no nasties and no plastic. 


white womans hands holding a ruby cup menstrual cup and four tampons


Often we don’t realise that disposables are not comfortable until we try an alternative but the difference is immediately obvious, especially in warm weather and when exercising.

Many women report that they have less cramps and less yeast infections after making the switch and while the evidence is anecdotal it’s definitely something to consider.


Switching can seem daunting, as with any new habit, so if you’re interested in giving reusable pads a go and need some help have a look at our guide to Getting Started with Reusable Period Pads.

If you need any help just get in touch 💛

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