Why Switch to Reusable Nappies?

Apr 25, 2021
It's Reusable Nappy Week so it might feel like social media is full of people telling you to 'give cloth a go'. So why do people switch to reusable nappies?
If you ask a cloth nappy user there are usually three main reasons:
This is often the main reason people opt for reusables. In the U.K. we throw away 3 billion (Yes BILLION) disposable nappies every year. This costs local authorities 60 million pounds a year to dispose of either by incineration or landfill where the nappies take around 300 years to break down, at least we think so because the very first disposable nappies ever made will STILL be in landfill right now.
The waste management is often cited as the main environmental impact but the science suggests that the manufacture of disposables is far more impactful due to the massive amount of water, crude oil and wood pulp needed to make them.
An average baby gets through 4000 nappies between birth and potty training. That’s a lot of nappies and disposables aren’t cheap to buy. The average saving over the 2.5 years a baby will use nappies is around £1400. You’ll save even more if you buy preloved nappies, use them for another child/children or sell them on afterwards.
Cloth nappies suffer fewer leaks, contain baby poo much better (no more poonamis) reduce how many soiled clothes you’ll wash and cause less nappy rash.
A further reason that I never thought I’d cite - during a pandemic you’ll never have to scour the shops and queue at a supermarket for nappies!!
So are you tempted? If so look up our Beginners Guide to Reusable Nappies.....

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