Tried + Tested - Five New Eco Products for Travelling With Kids

May 23, 2023
We're a family of four trying to live a little bit greener and do our bit to look after the planet. However, holidays are often a time when we rely on convenience and our usual habits slip. We've been on two family trips recently - a week in a farm cottage on Anglesey and a four day camper van trip in the Yorkshire countryside.  
As I had a few new-ish eco products arrive at Smallkind recently I decided to take them away with us to road test. We're heading into summer holiday season so I thought I'd share a few favourites that made travelling with kids that little bit easier and kinder to the planet. 

Trying Out Reusable Tissues 

Some reusable products can be like marmite and reusable tissues (or hankies as we called them before the zero waste movement made them cool!) are no exception. Whatever your feelings about hygiene / snot they really are very useful to have in your bag for kids runny noses, cuts and scrapes, wiping hands and faces etc. I'm converted!
organic cotton reusable tissues

Rowdy Kind Hair and Everywhere Bar 

We all used this bar as shampoo and the kids used it as body wash too. It smells so fresh and orangey plus it left my hair feeling really clean. Who needs to take loads of products away when one will do! Definitely not just for kids so it's great for the whole family when travelling to save a bit pf space in your luggage. 
rowdy kind hair and everywhere bar

Switching to a Natural Deodorant Stick 

These chunky deodorant sticks are free from any harmful chemicals, packaged plastic free and most importantly they do the job! I switched to a natural deodorant a few years ago but my other half has been reluctant (understatement!). 
However, he forgot his chemical deodorant when we went camping so Mr Smallkind used mine. The amber and sandalwood scent was a winner with him and he admitted that this natural deodorant does actually work!
Being on green / simple camp sites we didn't always have access to a warm shower so a goo deodorant was 100% needed and this one didn't let us down.
natural deodorant review

Reusable Kitchen Towel 

These are bigger and much more absorbent than the reusable kitchen towel we already owned. On our camper van trip we used one as a dish/cleaning cloth, another as a wash cloth as well as using them dry as kitchen towels. One the evening we went out for dinner I put on make up only to realise I didn't bring any face cloths. No worries, I just used a reusable kitchen towel instead and it worked a treat. 
I forgot so many things on that trip that everything had to be multi purpose and these worked really well! I also loved the hanging loop so they can be hung on a hook / radiator to dry.
organic cotton reusable kitchen towel

Natural Room Fragrance 

I can't review this without explaining that it was 100% needed being in a small camper van with two windy boys 🤣 It's really easy to use - just add a few drops of the oil into the bag of soap flakes - and the fragrance lasts a long time. I hung it up in the van but at home it's in the bathroom. I suspect it will last a while but when you feel it's done you can use the soap flakes as laundry, hand or body soap so nothing is wasted. There's also a lovely one for a kids room with a relaxing and soothing oil blend to promote calm (and sleep!). 
helleo natural room fragrance review
I hope you found these reviews useful. We love testing products with our own family to ensure that every brand we stock is well made for family life. You'll find more tried + tested new arrivals here

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