Three Cloth Nappy Myths Debunked!

Apr 26, 2021

If you didn’t know already I flippin loved using cloth nappies!  So when I hear people making assumptions or repeating myths I have to jump in and stand up for the cloth bum!

Myth 1 - Cloth nappies are big and bulky so clothes won’t fit.

✋ Nope! Reusables do have a bit more to them than a disposable so baby’s bum looks a little more padded shall we say! The reason is very simple, they are made from fabric only and there needs to be enough material to absorb the pee. In contrast disposables contain wood pulp, plastic and a chemical gel which expands to absorb liquid. Have you ever seen a disposable when it’s really full? It hangs down and looks very very chunky. Much bigger than a cloth bum..... If you use cloth nappies you might find that baby vests and sleep suits need to be a bit longer in the body. This is very simple to work around, either size up or you can buy vest extenders (Google it!) which are inexpensive and actually a brilliant invention anyway for getting a little longer out of baby vests. Stretchy leggings and harem pants work well with cloth bums too.


Myth 2 - They will smell.

✋ They don’t! Disposables contain chemicals which expand to soak up urine. Some are scented to mask the smell but this gives a strong chemical smell when the nappy is wet. People often don’t notice this smell chemical until they switch to cloth nappies and realise the difference. Most reusable nappies are made from antibacterial and hypoallergenic materials such as bamboo so when wet they don’t smell at all. As long as they are changed regularly and washed properly there will never be a pee smell! If this does happen it usually means the nappies need a good old rinse (known as a strip wash) and they’ll be good as new.


Myth 3 - They're hard work.

✋ Not really! They're not disposable so a nappy change involves more than just dropping it in the bin, but thats the point. They take a bit more time but the investment is well worth the pay off. Plus once you get used it to it prepping nappies just becomes part of the routine, and one most parents actually enjoy.

Instead of putting them into your black bin reusable nappies go in the washing bag/bucket. Washing nappies takes about as long as washing clothes, plus an extra rinse. Hang them out as you would your laundry and you're good to go. If you mention to a cloth nappy user how much 'work' they are and you'll get a good 15 minute explanation about the joy of the wash, dry, fold routine, how it's not a big deal and how mindful it is. And it's all true. Plus you'll never have to do a late night run to the garage or in a pandemic scour the supermarkets for nappies!


Hope that helps. Any questions just shout 📢



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