Teething Bites - Which teether is best for your baby?

Oct 7, 2020

With so many types of teething toys out there it can be difficult to decide what to buy. Many of us throw money at the situation in a desperate attempt to find something to ease our little ones pain and we end up with an arsenal of teething toys while baby prefers to gnaw on household objects or their fists!


At Smallkind we believe that teething toys should be made from natural materials, easy to grab, appealing to baby and easy to clean.


Here's a round up of our favourites:


Wooden Teethers

Pros - Natural material, very firm surface bite on, some types of wood are antibacterial, wood is very tactile and has a smooth surface.

Cons - Wood can be difficult to clean and can be too hard for some babies. 

Our favourites: Heimess Wooden Touch Ring natural untreated wood with a simple classic design. Baby will love to rattle grasp and chomp it!

The Etta Loves Teething Comforter is the perfect combination of a comforting muslin blanket and a natural wood teething ring. The pattern is designed for sensory stimulation too. 



Pro’s - Natural material, soft on gums, usually hollow making them squeezy and some have a squeaker too, can be textured or smooth, often multicoloured, fridge safe.

Cons - Rubber can become mouldy after prolonged use and exposure to moisture, some rubber teethers have a hole where drool can get trapped, some are not dishwasher safe. 

Our favourites: Lanco Panda Teether this little panda is the perfect for shape for babies to grasp and chew. It has a subtle jingling sound and the high contrast colours appeal to baby. 

This Lanco Monstera Leaf Teether is solid moulded natural rubber making it chunky and sturdy for serious chompers!


lanco panda teething toy lanco monstera leaf teether


Water Filled

Pros - Cheap, readily available in pharmacies, traditional (we probably used them as babies), can be refrigerated.

Cons - They can split and break easily, usually made from plastic which is hard on gums and not a sustainable material so we don't recommend them.



Pro’s - Natures teether! Frozen bananas and refrigerated fruit slices are great pain relievers for teething babies and are yummy too.  They are readily available and you can use whatever you have at home. 

Con’s - Not always easy when you’re out and about.


Whatever teether you choose, and you’ll probably opt for more than one variety, make sure you clean it thoroughly before giving it to a baby and wash regularly to keep germs at bay.  Teething is hard (on everyone) but like everything else it passes. Hang in there!


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