Sustainable Shopping on a Busy Schedule: Eco Living Tips for Time-Crunched Parents

Jun 22, 2024

Let's face it, parenthood is a whirlwind. Between work, errands, and keeping your little ones entertained, carving out time for slow and mindful shopping feels like a luxury. That’s why many parents rely on big marketplaces that deliver next day (if you know you know!) or the supermarket for everyday essentials. Many of us then feel guilty because we know it's not the most sustainable choice. But even the busiest parent can make more sustainable purchases  without sacrificing too much time.

Here are some time-saving tips to streamline your shopping:

Planning is Key:

  • Master Lists: Keep a running list of needs and wants for your family. Keep it on your phone for ease and update it regularly to reduce impulse purchases. It’s handy to have a peek at the list when you’re in the random aisle of the supermarket or browsing a website. Do you really need and want those ‘bargains’?!
  • Be Seasonal Savvy: Shop for wardrobe staples and toy purchases around seasonal sales to maximise value and buy in advance. Shopping for winter clothes in the spring sales means you save money and already have what you need well ahead of time. Size up to allow for growing room or choose open ended toys and your bargains will last even longer! 
  • Shop by Brand: If you trust a brand's sustainability practices (like Smallkind!), focus your search on their collections. It saves time, there’s less browsing and once you stop looking at fast fashion and mass produced toys you’ll stop getting tempting ads too!
  • Look for Bundles + Subscriptions: At Smallkind we offer savings on bundles and product subscriptions as well as running regular intro offers.  Buying in bulk or subscribing to your favourite everyday products also reduces time spent shopping and ensures you won't run out.  
    flatlay of eco friendly products by Smallkind including a compostable cloth with a lemon print design, safix coconut scouring pad, kitchen soap bar and three cleaning pod refills

Make us of of Online Tools:

  • Eco-Certification Filters: Many online retailers allow you to filter products by eco-certifications like GOTS (organic textiles) or FSC (sustainable forestry).
  • Check Reviews: Read reviews from other eco-conscious parents to quickly gauge product quality and sustainability claims. Ask online or in your local parent group. What do other parents recommend?
  • Utilise Price Comparison Apps: It's never been easier to find the best deals on eco-friendly products without the hassle of visiting multiple websites.


Smallkind: Your Sustainable Shopping Shortcut

At Smallkind, we understand the demands of busy parenthood. That's why we aim to curate a collection of high-quality, ethically-sourced, and eco-friendly products for you and your little ones.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Sustainable Sourcing: We partner with brands committed to fair labour practices, sustainable materials, and responsible manufacturing.
  • Transparent Practices: We provide clear information about the materials used in our products and their environmental impact.
  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: Browse our curated collection from the comfort of your couch and enjoy the ease of secure online shopping. We don't stock EVERYTHING from every brand, only the very best products tried and tested by parents make it into our collection. 
boy pushing a blue wooden toy shopping trolley with a wooden market stall in the background

Special Offer for Eco-Conscious Parents:

Use code ECO10 at checkout for 10% off your first purchase of eco-friendly essentials from Smallkind!

By following these tips and shopping a little more mindfully, you can make sustainable choices for your family without spending lots of time or extra money. Remember that none of us can do it all but every little eco action does make a difference. By making an effort we’re also modelling sustainable choices for our kids.  Let's raise kind humans who care for our planet, one mindful purchase at a time!

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