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Jun 2, 2022

Bed poverty is an issue that can have a significant impact on a child's education. Across the country, thousands of children go to sleep hungry and cold without a bed of their own. In my former career as a Social Worker I worked with many people living in poverty and on occasion supported families to access Zarach who provide beds and basics to families living in poverty. 

By providing something to eat and a good night’s sleep, Zarach aim to give every child an equal chance to earn and fulfil their potential.  When I set up Smallkind my mission was always to be able to use the business to support the community in some way and I'm proud to have been able to fundraise for Zarach over the last couple of years. 

Zarach was founded by Bex Wilson Assistant Head Teacher at an inner-city Primary School in Leeds. Bex knew that some of her pupils didn't have a bed of their own and realised the impact this was having on learning so she set up the charity with the mission to make sure every child in Leeds has their basic needs met, gets a good night’s sleep and an equal opportunity to get the best education possible.

quote from bex wilson founder of Zarach


Zarach are continuously fundraising so they can deliver beds and basics to families who need them. Their work is having a huge impact across West Yorkshire with up to 20 referrals a week from schools and professionals.

They also run a Healthy Holiday lunch club providing activities and free meals during the school holidays and a summer camp to give kids aged 5-11 a new experience and help families out during the holidays.

Zarach are campaigning for a National Sleep Strategy to end child bed poverty in the UK. At Smallkind we're  incredibly proud to support their mission to give every head a bed and you may have noticed that we always have a donation button at the checkout where you can leave a 'tip' which goes directly to Zarach. 

Since launch we've done an annual fundraiser over Black Friday weekend instead of having a sale and so far we've raised £495 which is the equivalent of three bed bundles and a holiday camp place. 

smallkind is proud to support Zarach


Due to the cost of living crisis demand for support from organisations like Zarach is likely to rise dramatically so it would be great if we could double that fundraising total this year.

If you'd like to donate directly to Zarach and sign the petition to create a national sleep strategy to end child bed poverty you'll find all the information here 

Thank you for everything we've raised so far. Your support is so gratefully appreciated. 


Natalie 💛

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