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Jun 30, 2020



I'm Natalie, mum of two small boys and owner at Smallkind. I thought I'd introduce myself and tell you a little bit about Smallkind and how we started. 

After having children I became more aware of the environmental impact of an ‘average’ family of four. New parents are sold SO much stuff. We’re persuaded that it’s essential and led to believe we need it to be better parents (spoiler, we don't!).

As a first time parent I bought ALL the stuff but quickly realised that some of the 'essentials' are unnecessary and others are just not fit for purpose. Things break before they can be passed on or end up in landfill where they stay for longer than any of us can imagine. Don't even get me started on the layers and layers of packaging everything comes in! 

When I was expecting our second son I started making changes to the way we shopped and lived. It was a ‘less waste mission’ which began with reusable nappies and slowly infiltrated our whole house. It was slow because not everyone was on board at first (Daddy). 
Along the way I found some fantastic eco-friendly and sustainable products but I couldn't buy them all in one place and there was nowhere nearby to shop in person. I grew frustrated that I would walk into a kids shop with my boys and couldn't find a single thing I wanted to spend my money on.
Eventually, the urge to do something about this overtook the fear of doing it so I started Smallkind for other parents out there, like us, who want to live more sustainably and appreciate design led, high quality, practical products that will last well beyond our need for them. I've done the hard work of sourcing the very best sustainably made products so you don't need to trawl the internet looking for stuff that fits the bill!
I'm always looking for new brands and products so there is something you need and can't find let me know. 

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