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Oct 23, 2020


I’m Heather. Mum to 4 year old Gracie, 7 year old Blake and a health and fitness business run entirely by me. Like so many modern mums, I often find that my head is full of thoughts, plans, worries and to-do-lists, and more recently there always sits this underlying feeling of wanting to do more about the climate crisis. And that’s why I was so pleased when I stumbled across Smallkind.

Smallkind is one of those online shops where I basically want to buy everything all at once. Even though I no longer need re-usable nappies (thankfully), like Natalie, that’s where my sustainable parenting journey began 7 years ago, and we spent an AGE researching which nappies were best. We even went to America to buy them (don’t worry, we were already going to visit family)!

I wish I’d had Smallkind then as I know that much of what ends up on the Smallkind site has been tried and tested by a fellow mum, Natalie, herself.

And so if you would like another unbiased mum endorsement here are my five family favourites.

Reusable Period Pads – I’m still getting used to using Menstrual cups (I have the Lunette brand) so sanitary towels, for nights or for heavier days, are still essential. And while yes, it is a little more effort than a disposable version, I feel so much better about myself since I made the switch. I have both the Bloom & Nora and the Fern by Tickle Tots and like them both to be honest though I probably just about prefer the Fern Tickle Tots as they feel a little slimmer.

Glue - We flexi-school which means our kids spend 2 days of the week not going to school. It also means that we do a LOT of crafting. The main reason I like this glue, apart from the fact that it’s so natural and plastic free, is the smell. Oh my gosh it is delicious. And the kids have fun using the tiny brush to do their essential sticking. I think it’s going to last us ages too as there’s plenty in the lovely tin. Which is a shame because I want to use it for other things like keeping my precious things in so the kids can’t get them (they have trouble with the lid, mwah ha haaa).

Pick Up Sticks – Which is apparently called Mikado in the world of grown ups. This was one of my favourite games when I was a kid so I couldn’t resist buying it for mine, and have bought a couple more as gifts too. What I also love is that the sticks themselves can be used for so many creative things, not just the game. We’ve made car tracks with them, used them for forming letters and numbers, done matching games. So you get far more than just the original game if you enjoy being a bit creative.



Paper Kraft Tape – Another crafting essential. My eldest uses sticky tape in ridiculously large amounts. I’ve come across many an empty roll next to bizarre structures made out of loo rolls, yoghurt pots, shoe boxes and the like. And I always felt bad about the plastic usage. Until I discovered this paper tape! It’s recycled AND recyclable and what’s great too is that my youngest can easily tear it herself so I can sit back and enjoy my cuppa while she’s in her junk modelling creative genius zone.

Ocean Saver Cleaning Refill – Yay I LOVE these. I’ve been making my own kitchen cleaner for a while but my husband doesn’t trust it and I’m not sure about its powers in the bathroom so I was so excited to discover these. You just drop it in an old spray bottle with some water, give it a shake and there you go. It even comes with labels to add to the bottle so you know what’s inside. They do an anti-bacterial and a bathroom version and I love both.


As a mum, protecting the planet for the future of my children means the world to me and these five products helped me take a little bit of control with very little effort. 



A note from Natalie:

Heather provides online and in person holistic health and fitness training for busy mums. She really understands the demands of being a mum, juggling your own wellness with looking after a family and all the injuries and aches and pains that might come with it! 

You can find Heather at or on FB and I highly recommend joining her FREE Facebook group. 



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