How to do Reusable Nappies on a Budget

Apr 25, 2021

The Smallkind guide to saving money on reusable nappies (while doing your bit to save the planet 🌎)


Many parents are put off trying reusables because of the upfront cost. According to the Cloth Nappy Alliance reusable nappies will save parents well over £1000 compared with disposables, more if you use for more than one child. But the cost of a full set of nappies is an investment that many parents cant afford all at once.




Here's a few budget friendly options to keep the start up costs down and get more bang for your buck:

Hire them.

Hire a kit from your local nappy library. A quick google search should tell you where your nearest one is. They are usually really knowledgable and helpful and you can hire and try before you buy.


Contact your council.

Check if your local council has a Reusable Nappy Incentive. many offer vouchers, a trial kit or money back when provide a receipt. 


Build up your stash gradually.

You don't need to buy them all at once. Start with a few, 3-5 is a good number, see how you get on and what works best then build up your collection as and when you can afford. 


Buy preloved nappies.

Many people new to cloth nappies find the idea of second hand ones a bit iffy but it's no different than second hand baby clothes (which are likely to have been pooped in!). Preloved nappies are cheaper so you'll get more for your money. There are loads of reusable nappy buying and selling groups on Facebook or have a look on Ebay.


Go for the most economical nappies

Opt for hybrid or two part nappies which are more economical as you can re-use the wraps for more than one nappy change so you don't need as many.


Use cloth nappies part-time.

Remember it doesn't have to be all or nothing. You could use a few cloth nappies and top up with disposables until you can afford to use cloth full time, or not. Whatever works for you.


Shop around 

Seek out offers and discounts. Reusable nappy week is a good time to save money on nappies and find lots of free advice online. Many brands and retailers have seasonal sales and this is a god time to pick up bargains while you're building up your nappy collection.   


Hope these suggestions help? If you have any more tips let us know 🌎🌱👶


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