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Gifts for Kids Age 4-5

gifts toys for four year olds

Four and five year olds will love c

onstruction toys and open ended loose parts which encourage creativity through building and small world play. Arts and creative play sets are great year-round and especially good for chilly winter days when they spend more time indoors. 


Here are our favourites for kids age 4 and 5:

best toys for four and five year olds
  • Role play toys are a winner and little ones will love to act out jobs and roles. Doctor and vets kits are always a popular choice. 


  • Open ended play, building toys and loose parts are great for little builders and creatives. They encourage imaginative play as little ones can make whole worlds and magical lands out of a simple set of blocks. The Grapat Lola and Carla sets are an investment you won't regret. They include different shaped blocks, cups, rings and characters that little ones will come back to over and over.  
grapat lola building set
  • Puzzles and learning games are great for children as they embrace and build on their learning in school and these make a great resource for home school too. This double sided world puzzle and geometric shapes box are two of our favourites.
  • Craft kits and art materials make a great gift and are especially goof for the winter months when rainy cold days mean more time inside. A weaving loom or craft box will keep them busy creating and making little trinkets for friends and family.  
best gifts for four and five year olds

You’ll find more gift ideas for little ones age 4 to 5 here and if you need any help just drop us a message 💛

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