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Gifts Ideas for Kids Age 2-3

By age two little ones love exploring colours, shapes and the world around them. They will enjoy more imaginative play as their creativity starts to develop and puzzles and toys that help with learning numbers and letters have great play value for years to come. 


Here are our picks for children age 2 to 3:

  • Wooden puzzles like our Goki shapes puzzle and threading games will help with developing fine motor skills, patience and concentration. Number puzzles and alphabet puzzles help pre-schoolers start to learn literacy and numeracy skills too. 


  • Role play sets and soft dolls like our Lanka Kade inclusive dolls encourage imaginative and pretend play. Little ones will love to care for their dolls and animals are great for budding farmers. 

  • Ball runs and race tracks provide hours of rolling and whizzing fun for little ones who love to watch things go!

  • Picture + story books like this Mindful A to Z nurture quiet time and mindfulness. 


  • Building blocks and loose parts are great for balancing, sorting and stacking. These can be anything and everything during small world play.
  • Chunky wooden vehicles they can whiz around, empty and fill, push  and pull will be a big hit with pre schoolers too. 

You’ll find more gift ideas for little ones age 2 to 3 here and if you need any help just shout 💛

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