Best Gifts for Kids Age 6 + Over

Nov 20, 2023
Creativity is in full flow by age 6 and little ones are ready to take on more complex arts and crafts. Strategy games are fun and imaginative play is still a winner too.

It’s a fun age to shop for and by now they will have their preferred interests or themes - space, animals, sports - which will help guide you when you're choosing.

Our Picks of the Best Gifts for Kids Age 6 and Over 

Learning games and puzzles  like sudoku, maths games, solitaire and  Teddo educational cards sets are fantastic for kids age 6 and over. They'll enjoy a challenge and having learning toys at home helps to build on their knowledge and develop interests in a fun way. 

    teddo learning flash cards


    Games for Kids age 6+

    Fun family games to play together or with siblings will be a hit.  Balancing games are great for those with younger siblings while draughts + ludo are good choices for all the family and help to develop concentration and logical thinking. 

      Escape room games offer a different kind of challenge and can also involve the whole family. 

      escape room game for kids age 7+

      Toys for Budding Builders + Engineers

      As they get older kids will love the challenge of a complex building project, something they might do over a few days and keep working on.

      Building toys like ball runs, constructions kits and loose parts are great for this kind of for creative play. STEM toys and crafts like Junko kits for budding engineers, creatives and builders.

      junko junk modelling kit

      Gifts for Crafty Kids

      More complex crafts like jewellery making, knitting frames, origami and flower presses are popular with older kids and we have loads of ideas in our Gifts for Age 6+ collection. 

      best gifts for kids-age-6-and-over
      As always, the Smallkind kids have tried and tested lots of our toys so if you need any help choosing just get in touch. We love choosing toys! 💛

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