Best Gifts For Babies - Ethical Toys To Fascinate Babies Under One.

Nov 20, 2023
Babies under one year will love sensory toys and grasping toys, classic rattles, toys to push and pull and anything they can chomp on!

From newborn gifts to classic wooden toys and rubber teething toys we've curated a collection of ethical toys to fascinate and stimulate little ones. 

Here are our best gifts for babies under one:

Sensory toys to soothe and fascinate

Sensory toys like the Rosa + Bo Chiming Bunny, colourful rattles, rain makers and soft rubber balls will be loved by babies and into toddlerhood too. Sensory muslins and comforters make a great practical gift too as parents know that you can NEVER have too many muslins!

Rubber teething toys and wooden grasping toys will help soothe sore gums and keep little fingers busy. This Lanco Nalu the Tiger by Lanco is a winner.

A practical gift for babies + toddlers

A cosy play mat or blanket will come in handy for floor play and tummy time for babies and as they get older it can be used as a picnic blanket too. Little ones often receive gift before the appreciate them so a practical play mat or blanket will be appreciate by parents too. Etta Loves play mats are the most popular brand at Smallkind.

etta loves sensory muslin play mat

Bath toys make splashing in the bath loads of fun and can be used for water play and paddling pools as they get older too. Kids of all ages love water play and bath toys can also be used in a  paddling pool or water table in the summer.

baby playing with natural rubber ducks


Our picks under £10 for babies under one

Lanka Kade Push + Pull toys (£6.50) are the perfect first vehicle and this Lanco Phantasy ball (£9) will be loved by curious little ones too.

lanco fantasy ball

See our ‘Gifts for Babies’ section for more ideas and if you need any help choosing just drop us a message 💛
eco friendly gifts for babies at smallkind

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