5 Easy Eco Actions You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less

Apr 22, 2022
Climate activism isn't just protests and boycotts! There are lots of small, quick eco actions that anyone can do and all add up to a big difference. 
Here are five easy eco actions you can do in 15 minutes or less. Can you commit to just one today?
15 minutes eco actions
Share your story Write a social media post, chat to friends and family, tell people about climate action and what you’re doing. You never know who your story could inspire, imagine if Greta Thunberg had never shared hers?!
Tidy Up Go for a 15 minute stroll in a green space and pick up litter while you walk or run. Getting outdoors into nature helps to remind yourself what you’re fighting for.
Write to your MP - Send a quick email and ask what they are doing to invest in the planet on Earth Day? Elected members should be representing the concerns of their constituents so tell them how important this is to you.
Switch to an ethical bank - This could have a HUGE impact. Do you know whether your bank invests money in fossil fuels? A quick Ecosia (google) search will tell you. It doesn't take as long as you think to open an account with an ethical bank and once it's done you can feel smug that your money is being used ethically. 
p.s. If you're still using Google as a search engine then switching your default to Ecosia takes less than a minute and is a great eco action!
Join a local climate action group - a quick search on Facebook will probably reveal local climate action groups you didn't even know existed. Many parks and green spaces have 'Friends Of' groups too. Why not join and connect with other people in your area who are climate conscious. It's a great way to meet like minded people and learn from each other. 
Can you commit to one 15 minute action today? Every single step makes a difference. We need a planet full of imperfect environmentalists not a small group of perfect ones! 
Natalie 💛

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