Wholesome Herbals Soy Candle - Apple + Vanilla
Wholesome Herbals

Wholesome Herbals Soy Candle - Apple + Vanilla

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A creamy vanilla soy wax candle with notes of sweet apple and chamomile. Marigold petals and chamomile adornments make this a lovely uplifting candle to make you smile.

Each candle weighs 90g and is presented in a reusable and recyclable aluminium tin.

Care instructions - when burning for the first time allow wax to melt to sides of the tin. Be sure to trim the wick after each use by snipping or snapping off the burned portion of wick once cool.

About Wholesome Herbals

Megan & Abhay learned the craft of candle making in 2017 with the intention of gradually turning it into a  business.

All products are cruelty-free, free from animal products, paraffin-free and all of our packaging is recyclable. 

The Wholesome Herbals team are firm believers in slow, intentional living and daily practices, such as meditation. This brings a sense of contentment, awareness, and presence to our lives. We hope that these candles can be incorporated into your way of life to bring joy, comfort, and happiness.

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