Tickle Tots 2's Nappy - Tractor - Smallkind
Tickle Tots 2's Nappy - Tractor - Smallkind
Tickle Tots 2's Nappy - Tractor - Smallkind
Tickle Tots 2's Nappy - Tractor - Smallkind

Tickle Tots 2's Nappy - Tractor

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Tickle Tots 2's are an all in two nappy which can be used from birth to potty training for babies 9-35lbs. The nappy consists of a waterproof shell with 'snap-in' boosters.

These nappies are super slim and fasten just like a disposable making them very easy to use. They have good absorbency and are great for day time. 

The shell is made up of two layers of breathable waterproof PUL and a double layered leg gussets, rise snaps and hook and loop closing.

Each set comes with two boosters, made up of layers of bamboo fleece with a suede cloth top  which is super absorbent and keeps little ones bottom dry. The smaller booster can be used on its own when the nappy is on its smallest setting or snapped onto the other booster for additional absorbency as baby gets bigger. 

All in two nappies are more economical than an all in one system because the cover can be used more than once. When it is time to change your little one, if the nappy is not soiled and is only wet, you can detach the booster and snap in another booster set. We recommend using the cover twice before changing to a fresh one.  With young babies you often find that they will poo more than once/twice a day so on a young baby you should be prepared that you have enough outers to allow for more frequent cover changes.


About Tickle Tots

Tickle Tots was born from a kitchen table in Shropshire by mum of two, Sophia. The environment is at the heart of Tickle Tots, from the products themselves to the materials used, packaging and supply chain. The unique registered designs stemmed from the mind of the creative, eco-conscious Mum looking for a solution that would tick all the boxes; better for the environment, better for baby, reliable, easy to use and beautiful. All the prints start life as hand drawn illustrations inspired by her children and rural surroundings.

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