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Goki Great Cogwheel Game

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Assembling the colourful wooden cogwheels on the board is only half the fun. Only when the big wheel is cranked does it become clear whether the plan has worked – are all the wheels turning? And most importantly, in which direction are they rotating? The illustrations have been carefully chosen so that the running cogwheels create a "complete artwork".

Children are mesmerised with this cogwheel game and it's a firm favourite with the Smallkind kids!


About Goki

Goki is part of the Gollnest & Keisel Family, based in northern Germany they have been a leading maker of wooden toys for over 50 years. The company take their environmental responsibility seriously by sourcing sustainable wood to manufacture these beautiful toys and planting a tree in public woodland for every child born in their home state of Schleswig-Holstein!

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