Fern Floral Wet Bag - Smallkind
Fern Floral Wet Bag - Smallkind
Tickle Tots

Fern Floral Wet Bag

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Fern by Tickle Tots cloth sanitary products are made using the finest materials designed for your comfort in mind whilst protecting our planet.

Each of pad has a waterproof fabric back with waterproof wings for maximum containment. The absorbent core is made up of a blend of 100% GOTs certified organic cotton and bamboo fleece.

The pads come in 3 sizes, Light, Regular and Heavy to match your flow when needed.

Light - perfect as a pantyliner or for those lighter days.

Regular - for a regular flow during the mid-section of your cycle. Its shape and length ensure good coverage and maximum protection.

Heavy - for the heavier days and overnight. The shape provides maximum protection when you need it most whilst remaining super slim.


About Tickle Tots

Tickle Tots was born from a kitchen table in Shropshire by mum of two, Sophia. The environment is at the heart of Tickle Tots, from the products themselves to the materials used, packaging and supply chain. The unique registered designs stemmed from the mind of the creative, eco-conscious Mum looking for a solution that would tick all the boxes; better for the environment, better for baby, reliable, easy to use and beautiful. All the prints start life as hand drawn illustrations inspired by her children and rural surroundings.

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