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Dish Scrubbie - Monochrome

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These hard working Dish Scrubbies are a perfect replacement for sponges and scourers which can degrade and release micro plastics into our water systems.

Vesta Living make their scrubbies using organic hessian backing, which is ideal for using to scour dishes, and fabric scraps from thier wipes to make the tops. The scrubbies are stuffed with the off cut edges generated from over locking the wipes so absolutely nothing is wasted.

After use, wash in the machine on 30 degrees and dry thoroughly then use again. When your scrubbie has come to the end of its life, it can be cut up and composted.

8cm x 12 cm

Made in England from 100% cotton and hessian.


About Vesta Living

There is increasing pressure to reduce our human impact on this earth, but this can feel overwhelming to the individual. Bryony stumbled upon the concept of replacing everyday items with an eco-alternatives and hopes that Vesta Living will help to show consumers that they can easily make small changes that make a BIG impact on our environment.

Vesta have set up production in the UK employing survivors of abuse providing a safe space to work, gain experience and build confidence.  Which will then allow them to take steps into the wider working environment, or stay on with Vesta Living and develop their skills.

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