Bloom + Nora Nora stay dry cloth sanitary pads
Bloom + Nora Nora stay dry mighty cloth sanitary pads
Bloom + Nora Nora stay dry maxi cloth sanitary pads
Bloom + Nora Nora stay dry midi cloth sanitary pads
Bloom + Nora Nora stay dry mini cloth sanitary pads

Bloom + Nora 'Nora' Reusable Period Pad - Hourglass

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Bloom + Nora reusable sanitary pads are softer and more absorbent than disposables, better for the planet and will even save you some pennies!

Bright, white and stay-dry they are the perfect alternative to disposables: super absorbent, soft and easy to use and to wash.  These are our favourites because of the stain-resistant fabric.  They are Eco-friendly, and Oekotex certified these pads ensure you’re taking care of the planet while taking care of yourself and keeping synthetic chemicals away from your bits.

Nora Mini – Whilst small and dainty they don't lack functionality, perfect for light days or flows, and great little pad for stress incontinence too. Length 21cm (approx.), holds up to 40ml.

Nora Midi – For those medium flow days. Length 26cm (approx.), holds up to 50ml.

Nora Maxi – Designed perfectly for heavy flow days. Also great for over-night. Length 29cm (approx.), holds up to 125ml.

Nora Mighty - Have a positively period experience on heavy days and nights with the Mighty pad. Length 32cm (approx.), holds up to 140ml.

Bloom + Nora was created by the lovely folks at Tots Bots nappies and are made in the UK. They estimate the pads can save up to 9p per use when compared to popular brands of disposable pads not to mention the eco-impact. 

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