Goki Toys - Behind the Brand - Building Schools, Forests + Wooden Toys!

Goki toys behind the brand story


Goki toys have become one of our most popular toy brands, loved by kids and parents alike. Based in northern Germany, Goki have the most diverse toy range of all the brands we stock. From rolling shape sorters and Montessori puzzles for little ones, to family games and jigsaws as they get older, there is something for all ages and stages.


Behind the Goki Toys Brand

Goki was founded in 1981 in Germany by Gerhard Gollnest and Fritz-Rudiger Kiesel. Over the past 20 years the company has grown to include the Holztiger and Heimess brands but remain committed to quality and ethics over mass growth. Goki are constantly striving to create fun and exciting toys for little ones as well as upholding their brand values - sustainability, social commitment and quality.


goki toys use wood from sustainable forests


Sustainability is at the heart of the brand and Goki are committed to sustainable production at all stages of the manufacturing process.  "Whoever takes something from nature must also give something back to it," says Fritz-Rüdiger Kiesel. That’s why Goki have donated more than 400,000 beech, oak and maple trees to reforesting projects in Schleswig-Holstein, the most sparsely forested state in Germany. Goki only use wood from responsible and sustainable forestry and aim to make toys without the use of plastic where possible.


Goki’s Social Commitment

Goki have demonstrated a strong social commitment by building schools in Mali, Peru and Uganda to provide access to education for children who previously did not have the opportunity to go to school. 

Goki's own factory in China ensures western health and safety standards as well as fair pay far above the collective wage agreement. Goki are committed to fair working practices and transparent supply chains to ensure their toys are made for children, not by children. As a result the Goki name has become synonymous with ethical practices and quality products.


goki toys social impact building schools


Why we love Goki toys

We were drawn to Goki toys for the clever designs and tactile materials as much as their ethics and social responsibility. The Smallkind kids were gifted a Montessori alphabet puzzle several years ago and it quickly became a firm favourite. When Smallkind was only a seed of an idea, we knew that Goki toys would be among the brands we launched with – in fact it was our very first toy brand! 

Goki toys are traditional in their appearance, made from wood rather than plastic and are well-designed and made to last. They are often open ended or have a variety of uses meaning that little ones won't grow tired of playing with them. These are toys to be played with, not to sit on a shelf. As they're well made they’ll last for years and be passed on (and on) for years to come.


Our top sellers from the Goki toys collection

Push Along Penguin

Toddlers will love pushing around the penguin and watching his little feet flap around and around!

goki toys wooden push along penguin




Number Puzzle

Great for little ones to learning through play. From toddlers to pre schoolers and beyond this is a versatile puzzle that will be used for years.

goki wooden number puzzle


Dump Truck

This sturdy wooden dump truck is EPIC! It has a little figure to slot inside and little ones will love delivering and tipping ‘cargo’!

goki yellow wooden dump truck

Weaving Loom

This weaving is perfectly sized for little ones and promotes creativity, persistence and fine motor skills.

goki kids wooden weaving loom

Crocodile Balancing Game

A great family game can be played with or without the dice and provides hours of fun for all ages.


goki wooden crocodile balancing game


Goki toys are a customer favourite for a reason. The popularity of Goki, as well as the collection of educational and open ended toys, continues to grow. Goki are repeatedly recognised within the toy industry as leaders and innovators winning the Spiel Gut , Golden Rocking Horse and Good Toy awards numerous toys and most recently for the Knight's Castle Ball Track.  They make excellent gifts for little ones and parents will appreciate their aesthetic as well as the fact they're made to last!

Browse the full range of Goki Toys to delight and inspire your little toy lovers. 

goki toys awards won including spiel gut, golden rocking horse and good toy award


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